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Users identities are authenticated through a 3rd party provider Auth0. These identities are used by AO's systems to ensure proper access control for users.

User Profile

Users can change settings related to their account here.

User Profile

Change Companies

Users can change their current company here. This will affect which teams are shown in the top nav bar team list and which company and company icon is displayed. The cog icon above the company name will lead you to the company profile. The x icon will leave the current company, remove branding and stop filtering in the top nav bar.

User Profile - Change Companies

Change Teams

Users can change the team they are currently assigned to in their user profile or in the top nav bar. The current team will change what resources are shown and where resources are created. Users can see the team profile by clicking the cog button in this area.

User Profile - Change Teams

Default Units

AO allows users to change the units of quantities for viewing and storing parameters.

User Profile - Default Units

UI Settings

Adjust UI settings

  • Show button names. Default behavior shows complete names next to button icons. This will remove button names for a more compact view.
  • Advanced user. This will hide advanced functionality from the user that is not needed in normal operation. This includes things such as configuration and task creation.

User Profile - UI Settings

Configure Map Styles

Enter user settings for your map styles. User settings have the least preference when styling a map. See more information in map configuration

User Profile - Map Style