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Events are triggered whenever their is interaction with a portion of the database that is actively monitored. Examples of this are assets and projects. When an asset is created, modified, or deleted, an event will be triggered containing information on what happened, who performed the action, and the state of asset at the time of the event.


Subscribe to an event

Go to the Subscribe event page.

Event Subscribe

Create an Event Subscription

Event Subscribe Create

Select Type

The event type refers to which item has been modified. A prefix match is performed on the event type. For a type with children such as event:ao, it will be triggered for all ao events.

Event Subscribe Select Type

Select Task

Select which task should be triggered for this subscription.

Event Subscribe Select Task

Select Events

You can select whether it should be triggered for created, deleted, and modified events.

Event Subscribe Select Events


Finish by naming your subscription and clicking Create

View event subscriptions

When an event is triggered, you can see if any tasks have been run via the subscription system here. To view the task logs, click on the event.

Event Subscribe View

View Task Runs

You can view the task runs that where performed by clicking the plus icon on the right.

Event Subscribe View Task Runs