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Scenario Card


Scenarios represent an analysis workflow and and sensitivity analysis.




The scenario summary outlines parameters set for the steps.

Scenario Summary

Workflow Graph

The workflow graph outlines how process in which the steps are calculated to perform the analysis.

Scenario Card

Workflow Steps

The workflow steps are used to input parameters and represent an individual piece of analysis.

Scenario Steps

Project Type

Scenarios can be run on specific project types. That setting is here.

Scenario Project Type

Parameter Sensitivities

Parameters can be varied in a scenario to create many scenario runs. Both numerical and categorical variables can be used in sensitivity analysis.

Scenario Sensitivities

Copy Scenario

Scenarios can be copied by scrolling to the Misc section of a scenario page (near the bottom) and open the copytask tab. Push copy task to copy the scenario to the current team, or select a different team for cross team copy.

For a cross team copy, you will not be redirected to the new scenario."

Scenario Copy