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Scenarios Run

Scenario runs are instantiations of a scenario on a project for a given set of inputs.

Scenario Run

Run a Scenario

Scenario Run

Select a Project

Select a project to run the scenario.

Select a Scenario

Select a scenario to run.

Currently only 1 project and scenario can be selected.

This will be fixed in an upcoming release.

Run Dialog

The run dialog is used to kick off the analysis.

Scenario Run Dialog

  • Run group id

    The run group id is used to track which runs were created as part of an analysis

  • Run name template

    The run name template is used to give individual scenario runs a name

  • Run Scenarios

    Button to start the scenario analysis

Created Runs

Allow the runs to fully complete before refreshing the page. Navigate to a scenario run by click it in the table.

Scenario Created Runs

Scenario Run

An individual scenario has a complete copy of all inputs stored from the point in time of creation.

Scenario Run

When in a scenario, you can navigate to the run group in the top right corner.

Scenario Run Group

Scenario Run List

The scenario run list can be accessed in the sidebar.

Scenario Run List

Filter Group

To filter by group run, manually add a groupId to the query string.

This will be fixed in an upcoming release.

Scenario Run Filter Group