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Development Pipeline

The development pipeline is created based on client usage of AO and feedback we receive. We will attempt to prioritize commonly requested features. We offer ways to accelerate and sponsor features for benefits such as early access.

Feature Descriptions

Each feature will be given a difficulty level and optionally a priority.


Small Feature

Resolved within a month if it is a common request.

Marked with 📋

Medium Features

Resolved within a quarter if it is a common request.

Marked with 📋 📋

Large Features

Go under review and a development plan will be created.

Marked with 📋 📋 📋


Marked with variable amount of 🔥

AO Prospect

  • Saving custom filters for repeated use 📋 🔥
  • Show parcel usage count at company level 📋
    • Graph usage by day
  • Filter by owner name in parcel search 📋
  • Track parcel searches for a project 📋
    • Users can easily see what searches have been performed, i.e.
      • inital search, buffer 1km, min acre 100
      • secondary search, buffer 2km, min acre 25, owner Bob
  • Delete parcels from a project. Walkthrough (v0.3.3-24) 📋


  • Bulk upload of data to assets 📋 📋 🔥

    • Filter to geographical area
    • Map input properties to AO parameters
  • Create land project from land asset Walkthrough (v0.3.3-26) 📋


  • Multi substation projects 📋 📋

    • Users can select multiple substations and search around all of them in a single project
  • Transmission line projects 📋 📋

    • Users can search in a buffer around transmission lines
    • Users can select multiple transmission lines for searches

Exclusive Feature: Transmission line projects

Currently an exclusive feature until December 2018


  • Geoanalysis tasks will gather obstructions for assets and display them on the asset page 📋 📋

    • This will be similar to the behavior of copying features from layers.
    • This can be used to integrate with 3rd parties such as SunDAT.
  • Slope Analysis 📋 📋

    • A slope layer will be created and shown as an overlay on the map
    • Layer can be queried to show slope at given point
    • Integrated with geoanalysis to allow users to create obstructions based on slope characteristics.
    • note. this analysis will be based on the seamless National Elevation Dataset (NED)


  • API 📋 📋

    • Query AO through other systems with the API
    • Users can recieve an API key that allows programmatic access to the system
  • Events 📋 📋

    • Events are created when users interact with the database
    • Users can subscribe to events via email or in app notifications
    • Ex. User marks project as complete, manager is notified of completed project with link

Distribution Line Indentification

  • Distribution Line Identification 📋 📋 📋

    • Utilize image recognition to identify distribution lines within a radius around a substation
    • Categorize single phase vs three phase lines
    • Categorize voltage level and class

Feature sponsor?

Let us know if you want to sponsor this feature. We provide incentives for sponsors such as discounts and exclusivity.

AO Site Analysis

  • Initiating a scenario run creates a scenario run group 📋

    • Run groups can be listed and can have parameters associated with them
    • Groups can eventually be applied to Assets, Projects, and any resource
  • Allow initiating scenario runs for multiple projects and scenario runs

  • Bulk select and delete of resources 📋

    • Users can easily select all scenario runs and delete them
  • Navigate to resource item via rn or id without using url 📋

  • Add plotly to timeseries data view 📋

  • Allow data graphs from files. 📋

    • Create data objects using file system as backend.


  • Improve flow for creating TOU Rates
    • More obvious way to add to period rate list
    • Improve period definition, buy and sell rates
    • Allow copying of data objects

Advanced Features