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This page logs reported issues as well as the resolutions once they exist.

Having an Issue?

If you are having an issue with the application, please reach out to for assistance.


Currently, these issues exist in production. We will be working to resolve as soon as possible.

Geoanalysis Task

From time to time, the geoanalysis task will stall while analyzing parcels and environmental layers with specific geometry issues. This will cause issues while running additional geoanalysis tasks.

We are currently in the process of resolving this bug.

Parcel count differs from retrieved parcels

There is currently a case where the parcel count and parcels retrieved differs. We are looking into the cause of this issue.


These issues have been fixed. Please let us know of any regressions.

  • Parcel map radius was showing incorrectly when not using kilometers (i.e. defined in miles). (v0.3.3-22)
  • Distances from parcels to primary were not being calculated in projects. (v0.3.3-22)